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Photography is a long time Hobby for me, but, anything that might appear as Artistic in these Galleries, is absolutely, 100% accidental! Photo Art is for the others, I like to record things just as they really are. Just as they appear in real life. Just as I see them! I prefer to see the whole thing, not just some abstract corner. When I see someone's 'Artistic Left Front Fender' rendition of a Beautiful chopped and channeled 49 Mercury, I say to myself..."Where's the REST of it???"

As you can see, I enjoy taking Car pictures...And Train pictures...And Airplane pictures. Just about any thing that operates with an internal combustion engine will do, (...Except Lawn Mowers! Lawn mowers are Disqualified!) The older the vehicles are, the better I like them. I love the old stuff! Old Steam Trains, Old square bodied Cars, Old Bikes and Old Prop Planes!

Photography is one of the Hobbies that I have enjoyed all of my life. And now with young Grandchildren, and more time, we play around with our cameras now more than ever.
I have been around photography since I was an infant. I probably cut my baby teeth on old film developing tanks! Or a photo enlarger! Or chemical trays! Blahhh!!! My Diapers were hung on indoor clothes lines, along with the negatives and prints that my Mom also hung there to dry. My Mother was a very serious amateur photographer in the 1940's and 50's. Those were my years growing up in rural Huntington West Virginia. I suppose you could say, at least as far as photography is concerned...I was...aaaah...Well Exposed!!! :)

Judy is busy with her own business, "The Father's Creations" She is using photos that She and I have taken over time. She applies an appropriate Scripture, and mounts them in an Exquisite Frame, to offer for sale at craft shows or on the internet. Our Images, Customized with Special Scriptures or Inspirational Messages, are her specialty. Her website is: http://www.thefatherscreations.org

Browse till you Drowse!
Paul A. Valentine

Friends, Family, or Associates of any of the Organizations that I belong to, or have taken photos of who desire copies, please contact me and I will see that you have what you desire.

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